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Posted by FNC STORE (ip:
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  • Date 2021-07-06 17:13:37
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We're informing that the FNC STORE - SF9 FAN SIGN EVENT, which was scheduled to be held on July 10th (Saturday), has been temporarily postponed due to concerns over the spread of covid-19.

Recently, as covid-19 spread rapidly around the Seoul metropolitan area, it was decided that it would be difficult to proceed with the event with a large number of people gathered together,

and most of all, safety was the most important, so it was finally decided to put it on hold. We will try to proceed with the pending event as soon as possible according to the covid 19 trend.

Please note that the confirmed schedule will be announced through the individual information of the winners and the FNC STORE website,

and it has been decided inevitably for everyone's safety, so please understand.


1 D*IXUEFEI 010-****-5025
2 H* Y*et Kwan 852-****4379
3 H*ANG HS*N HUA 010-****-8393
4 J*quasha P*rham 010-****-9953
5 W* J*AXIN 010-****-1933
6 Y*ung H*ng Lam +852****45469
7 고*연 010-****-7099
8 김*롱 010-****-7098
9 김*영 010-****-2893
10 노*선 010-****-7941
11 문*연 010-****-6112
12 문*정 010-****-0807
13 어*원 010-****-1345
14 이*린 010-****-0504
15 이*희 010-****-1135
16 이*원 010-****-7525
17 이*민 010-****-4353
18 장*연 010-****-8873
19 조*진 010-****-8870
20 허*승 010-****-8987


Special Benefit 

 1 unreleased selfie photo cards to all applicants for this event (random 1 out of 9)

This image of photo cards is exclusive image only for FNC STORE fan sign event and photo cards will be given as much as the quantity purchased. 

(ex - 9 photo cards will be given without duplication when you purchase at one by one order number)

* The content or schedule of this event is subject to change due to organizers circumstances. 


  • DATE : 7PM, JULY 10, 2021 (SAT)  provisional hold (winners will be announced individually later)
  • PERIOD : 11AM, JULY 01, 2021 (THU) ~ 11:59:59PM, JULY 04, 2021 (SUN) (based on the time payment is completed)
  • METHOD : Automatic application when you purchase “SF9 - 9TH MINI ALBUM [TURN OVER] S, F, 9 ver.” at FNC STORE (20 people draw)



- Mandate all participants to wear masks

1. Please wear a mask from the time you wait outside until the event is over and you leave.

2. If you don't wear a mask or remove a mask while participating, you may be sent off.

- Writing questionnaire and body temperature measurement before enterance

1. Before entering the event venue, we will prepare a questionnaire and measure body temperature for the winners.

2. Participation may be restricted for high temperatures of 37.5 degrees or higher when measuring body temperature.

- Install transparent partitions and proceed with seat distancing

1. We install a transparent partition between the artist and the winner, and we can't make physical contact with the artist.

2. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, we will place empty seats between the winners and proceed with 'Distancing Between Seats'.

On the basis of the day of the event, Koreans and foreigners who have stayed overseas within two weeks are not allowed to participate in the event. Please note that those who have entered the country from abroad only can participate by showing arrival date stamp within two weeks of the passport.




- The number of winners for this event varies from site to site. Before applying, please make sure to check the notice each site.

- 20 winners of this event will be drawn and selected from 'FNC STORE'. About this draw, purchases made at other site excluding FNC STORE are not valid.

- Duplicate application can be made between sites that are selling this fan sign event product at the same time. However, you can't win twice, so please note this.

- Products purchased for this event cannot be exchanged or refunded.

- The event application is only for purchasing S VER. & F VER. & 9 VER. SPECIAL VER. and KIT VER. are not the product for the event application.

- Duplicate entries are possible. If all of the FNC STORE buyers' information matches, the purchase quantity will be automatically added.

- Special Benefit for this event will be shipped with the album you purchased.

- On the day of this event, there will be a identification of winner for participation. Please bring your real ID card in person, and please refer to the recognized ID card as below.

(1) Korean minors : student ID card (elementary, middle, high school), passport, state-certified certificate with date of birth

(2) Korean adults : ID card, driver’s license, passport

(3) All foreigners : passport, certificate of alien registration

* All winners except Korean minors cannot use their student ID cards (including universities) for identification purposes.

* ID cards are only accepted that have not expired.

- You cannot participate in the event if your physical ID card is not verified or if the applicant's name and ID name are different. (Please write in Korean for Koreans and in English for foreigners with passports or certificate of alien registration.)

- Winners of this event shall not be duplicated, lent, or transferred to others, and only the winners themselves may participate. If caught, you may be excluded from all events later.

- Please arrive at the site no later than 30 minutes before the start of this event, and if you arrive after the start time, you may be restricted from participating in the event. Please keep in mind that it is not possible to change the time of entry or to participate in the middle of fan sign event depending on the situation.

- You cannot use any seat other than the designated one, and you cannot install a camera (tripod) or put personal belongings anywhere other than your seat. Please note that if you don't comply with the staff's instructions, you may be sanctioned and expelled.

- Signatures are only available on one of 'SF9 - 9TH ALBUM [TURN OVER]' S, F, 9 VER’. Also, please write the winner's name (in Korean or English) on the post-it distributed in the field and attach it to the album. - Please mark the each members’ page you want to sign in advance.

- Giving letter to artists is only available to field staff, but not directly to artists. In addition, raw flowers (bundles, etc.) are prohibited inside the venue. Please keep this in mind. (We do not accept gifts other than letters)

- This event will be held in order of seat number. Please note that if you don't participate in your order or follow the instructions of the field staff, you may not be able to get an autograph.

- Mobile phones, cameras, recorders, etc. are not allowed from the sign-up queue, and filming and voice recording are absolutely not possible while waiting and receiving signatures. Please note that data will be deleted and sent off if caught.

- If you do broadcasting live on SNS at the fan signing event, you will be exited.

- If you make unreasonable demands on artists or make excessive remarks or actions such as swearing or belittling, there may be a deterrence from field staff.

- For post-it questions, only one multiple-choice question is allowed for each member, and subjective questions are not possible. Please be polite so that there will be no inconvenient situations for each other, such as phrases or questions that are too much for each other to judge.

- Please refrain from scribbling directly on skin or requesting members.

- To maintain order in the sign room, exit is restricted 30 minutes after the start time and 30 minutes before the end time. For those who use the restroom, please make sure to use it before the signing event.

- Please be aware of the above precautions for smooth progress of the event. In addition to the information provided, if it is deemed to interfere with the progress, there may be a staff member's restraint.

- Albums purchased for application will be shipped sequentially after the event ends. (including winners’ albums)

- Winners of this event will receive one album for the signature at the fan sign event, and we ask for your understanding that it will be distributed randomly regardless the version of album you purchased. - This event is carried out in a flexible manner according to the Covid-19 social distancing stage, and can be canceled or changed if the face-to-face event cannot be carried out due to external factors such as raising the distancing stage or enforcement ordinance of the local government.

- Due to unavoidable circumstances or schedules, members may be absent, and the notice of absence may be announced just before the event, so please understand in advance.

- This event may be partially or wholly changed or cancelled depending on the circumstances of the host company.

- The collected personal information is not used other than information related to the progress of this event.

1) Items used: Member ID, non-member order name, applicant name, date of birth, phone number, address

2) Purpose of use: Draw, confirm, proceed with the event, and send the prize.

3) Persons who receive personal information: Apple Music Co., Ltd. and FNC Entertainment Co., Ltd.

4) Utilization period: Preserved according to site terms and conditions and personal information retention period.

Attachment SF9_TURN OVER.png
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