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Title P1Harmony - 1st Photo Book [P1ay Here!] FAN SIGN EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT
Posted by FNC STORE (ip:)
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  • Date 2021-06-14 15:44:46
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this is FNC STORE.


This is an announcement about FAN SIGN EVENT to celebrate the release of P1Harmony - 1st Photo Book [P1ay Here!] If you want to participate, please check the contents below.



  • DATE : July 25, 2021 (SUN) - Winner will be informed individually the exact time
  • PLACE : To be held in Seoul - Winner will be informed individually
  • PERIOD : 3pm on June 7, 2021 (MON) - 11:59:59pm on June 13, 2021 (SUN)
  • METHOD : Automatic application for exclusive fan sign applications for "P1Harmony - 1st Photo Book [P1ay Here!]" at FNC STORE (30 people draw)
  • WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT : After 5pm on July 1, 2021 (THU) - FNC STORE EVENT board
  • Q&A : FNC STORE 1:1 question board or e-mail (




- 1 out of 6 unreleased selfie photo cards will be sent randomly to all applicants for this event and will be shipped with the photo book you purchased. (This image is same as FNC STORE pre-order benefit)




- Mandate all participants to wear masks

1. Please wear a mask from the time you wait outside until the event is over and you leave.

2. Please make sure to wear the mask as a KF-certified mask. If you wear a regular mask, you may be restricted from entering or forced to leave.

- Writing questionnaire and body temperature measurement before enterance

1. Before entering the event venue, we will prepare a questionnaire and measure body temperature for the winners.

2. Participation may be restricted for high temperatures of 37.5 degrees or higher when measuring body temperature.

- Install transparent partitions and proceed with seat distancing

1. We install a transparent partition between the artist and the winner, and we can't make physical contact with the artist.

2. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, we will place empty seats between the winners and proceed with 'Distancing Between Seats'.




- Purchases made at other site excluding FNC STORE are not valid.

- Products purchased for this event cannot be exchanged or refunded.

- Duplicate applications are available, and application opportunities are given only for online payment completed within the participation period.

- If you have won this event, please bring your photo book and ID card.

- On the day of this event, there will be a identification of winner for participation. Please bring your real ID card in person, and please refer to the recognized ID card as below.

(1) Korean minors : student ID card (elementary, middle, high school), passport, state-certified certificate with date of birth

(2) Korean adults : ID card, driver’s license, passport

(3) All foreigners : passport, certificate of alien registration

* All winners except Korean minors cannot use their student ID cards (including universities) for identification purposes.

* ID cards are only accepted that have not expired.

- You cannot participate in the event if your physical ID card is not verified or if the applicant's name and ID name are different. (Please write in Korean for Koreans and in English for foreigners with passports or certificate of alien registration.)

- Winners of this event shall not be duplicated, lent, or transferred to others, and only the winners themselves may participate. If caught, you may be excluded from all events later.

- Please arrive at the site no later than 30 minutes before the start of this event, and if you arrive after the start time, you may be restricted from participating in the event. Please keep in mind that it is not possible to change the time of entry or participation.

- You cannot use any seat other than the designated one, and you cannot install a camera (tripod) or put personal belongings anywhere other than your seat.

- Signatures are only available for 'P1Harmony - 1st Photo Book [P1ay Here!]'. Also, please write the name of the winner (in Korean or English) on the post-it distributed on the site and attach it to the photo book.

- Letters to artists are only available to field staff and cannot be given directly to artists. (We do not accept gifts other than letters)

- This event will be held in order of seat number. Please note that if you don't participate in your order or follow the instructions of the field staff, you may not be able to get an autograph.

- Mobile phones, cameras, recorders, etc. are not allowed from the sign-up queue, and filming and voice recording are absolutely not possible while waiting and receiving signatures. Please note that data will be deleted and sent off if caught.

- If you make unreasonable demands on artists or make excessive remarks or actions such as swearing or belittling, there may be a deterrence from field staff.

- For smooth progress of the event, please be aware of the above precautions, and in addition to the information provided, if it is deemed to interfere with the progress, there may be a staff restriction.

- Photobooks purchased for application will be shipped sequentially according to the release date.

- This event is flexible according to the social distancing stage of Covid-19, and if external factors such as the promotion of the distancing stage or the enforcement ordinance of the local government make it impossible to carry out face-to-face events, it can be replaced by video call events.

- This event may be partially or wholly changed or cancelled depending on the circumstances of the host company.

- The collected personal information is not used other than information related to the progress of this event.

1) Persons who receive personal information: Apple Music Co., Ltd. and FNC Entertainment Co., Ltd.

2) Purpose of use: Draw, confirm, proceed with the event, and send the prize.

3) Items used: Member ID, non-member order name, applicant name, date of birth, contact number, address, KAKAOTALK ID

4) Utilization period: Preserved according to site terms and conditions and personal information retention period.



Please give us a lot of attention, P1ece.

Thank you.

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