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Title P1Harmony - 1st Photo Book [P1ay Here!] VIDEO CALL EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT
Posted by FNC STORE (ip:)
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  • Date 2021-06-14 15:43:25
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this is FNC STORE.


This is an announcement about VIDEO CALL EVENT to celebrate the release of P1Harmony - 1st Photo Book [P1ay Here!] If you want to participate, please check the contents below.



  • DATE : July 24, 2021 (SAT) - Winner will be informed individually the exact time
  • PERIOD : 3pm on June 7, 2021 (MON) - 11:59:59pm on June 13, 2021 (SUN)
  • METHOD : Automatic application for exclusive video call applications for "P1Harmony - 1st Photo Book [P1ay Here!]" at FNC STORE (30 people draw)
  • WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT : After 5pm on July 1, 2021 (THU) - FNC STORE EVENT board
  • Q&A : FNC STORE 1:1 question board or e-mail (




- 1 out of 6 unreleased selfie photo cards will be sent randomly to all applicants for this event and will be shipped with the photo book you purchased. (This image is same as FNC STORE pre-order benefit)

- Signed photo ooks will be presented to all winners of this event. (One of the photo ooks you purchased will be signed and shipped collectively after the event is over.)




- This event is held through individual video calls between each winner and artist. Please make sure to prepare a mobile phone that allows you to make video calls (KAKAOTALK FACETALK) before you start.

- Winners prepare their phones in advance, wait for their turn, and receive video calls from their phones.

- Winners will have a video call with the artist, and when the time is up, they will move on to the next artist sequentially and end after the call with last artist.

- Video call time is the same for all winners. (The duration per member is approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds.)




- Purchases made at other site excluding FNC STORE are not valid.

- Products purchased for this event cannot be exchanged or refunded.

- Duplicate applications are available, and application opportunities are given only for online payment completed within the participation period.

- Signatures will be made on the designated page for each member. Also, the name (in Korean or English) you wrote will be written to you, so please check your name again when you apply.

- This event will be held through video call (KAKAOTALK FACETALK), so please prepare a mobile phone that can make video call and check the participant's network environment.

- If you don't answer the phone more than twice, we can't proceed with the video event, so please keep this in mind.

- Only the mobile phone number and KAKAOTALK ID provided when applying for a video call will be processed.

- Only the winners can participate in this event. Please note that if you participate in a video call with more than 2 people including yourself, it will be forcibly stopped by the staff.

- When video calls are proceeded, if the contents of the call are deemed inappropriate, such as unreasonable demands, abusive language, and demeaning from the artist, the call may be interrupted by the staff and participation in future events may be restricted.

- Please be aware of the above precautions for smooth progress of the event. In addition to the information provided, if it is deemed to interfere with the progress, there may be a staff member's restraint.

- Photo books purchased for application will be shipped sequentially in accordance with the release date. (except for the winner's signed photo book)

- This event may be partially or wholly changed or cancelled depending on the circumstances of the host company.

- The collected personal information is not used other than information related to the progress of this event.

1) Persons who receive personal information: Apple Music Co., Ltd. and FNC Entertainment Co., Ltd.

2) Purpose of use: Draw, confirm, proceed with the event, and send the prize.

3) Items used: Member ID, non-member order name, applicant name, date of birth, contact number, address, KAKAOTALK ID

4) Utilization period: Preserved according to site terms and conditions and personal information retention period.



Please give us a lote of attention, P1ece.

Thank you.

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